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M.Allison is happy to announce the release of the album PHOBOS Soul Of Desire

If you ever wanted to own the now out of print PHOBOS album now is the time. PHOBOS has been remixed and remastered by the original artist. New Mixes that bring out the clarity lost on the original release. Previously unreleased songs included. PHOBOS Soul of Desire is available on iTunes. Click on the link below to visit the store where you can listen or buy the new Phobos album.

Phobos Soul of Desire

From Amazon Reviews:
Doesn’t Get Much Better!
By A Customer on August 5, 2002

With all the newage bands trying to emerge now and then, it’s hard to find albums that dont contain second-hand repititions and tedious collages. Phobos however, broke the grounds with this amazing release of fine tuning.
I listened to Soul Of Desire on a radio channel once, and was baffled by the quality and originality in the fine blend of instrument, female vocalists and slow beat. So i stopped by and bought the CD, and I wasnt the least bit disappointed. The entire album matches up to any newage taste since it has a different vibe to it and focuses majorly on tunes that most developed new age bands overlook. It has culture, a muse of delicious modern art and amazing ambient music. This is a valuabe addition to any newage collector.